The Best Brow Studios in Los Angeles

Claudia Connelly

Claudia Connelly's West L.A. salon is perfect for her affluent and influential clientele - it's discreet and unassuming while still being supremely elegant. Connelly, the founder of Claudia Cosmetics, was born and raised in Romania, where she studied acting in college and afterwards worked as an actress. When she got married, she moved to the United States with her husband and set out on a new career path. Starting out as an actress in Romania, Connelly often had to do her own makeup for the shows. Painting had always been a hobby of hers, so she already had a great sense of color and perspective. All of these experiences led to her desire to become an esthetician, and later a brow guru. In Los Angeles, Connelly got her start as a professional esthetician at the prestigious Anastasia Beverly Hills. Here she perfected her technique as Anastasia pushed her to be her best. This is also where she learned the ins and outs of running and expanding a business. Connelly was in high demand at the salon, steadily building up a following of celebrities and posh Angelenos alike. After several years at Anastasia Beverly Hills, Connelly followed her heart and decided to branch out on her own. In addition to having a serene salon, Connelly herself is a rare find thanks to her personalized attention, always spending the maximum amount of time with her clients as possible, and building relationships both in and outside of the salon, as well as her belief that brows have to be crafted to each individual, always keeping face shape and primarily bone structure in mind when shaping.

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